Night of the living reposturgeon!

reposurgeon 1.7 is out. Fewer obvious changes this time; the big feature is that it knows how to read and use the CVS revision maps generated by the -R option of git-cvsimport. This means that it can patch CVS revision references into an action-stamp form that makes sense in a VCS-independent way. Fear the reposturgeon!

Names and consequences abruptly changed its name to a couple of days ago. As a consequence, the little program I wrote to submit release announcements to it is now renamed freecode-submit. People who ship releases frequently enough to find freecode-submit essential might also want to look at shipper, which I wrote to automate other aspects of… Continue reading Names and consequences

A DVCS migration howto

This is a consequence of my recent adventures in repository conversion – a detailed discussion of how to do a high-quality lift of a CVS or Subversion repo to DVCS-land, how to make both git and hg users happy, and what sorts of good practices to teach to keep things tidy.

If RCS can stand it, why can’t your system?

I’ve written software for a lot of different reasons besides pure utility in the past. Sometimes I’ve been making an aesthetic statement, sometimes I’ve hacked to perpetuate a tribal in-joke, and at least once I have written a substantial piece of code exactly because the domain experts solemnly swore that job was impossible to automate… Continue reading If RCS can stand it, why can’t your system?

Commands and Colors: Ancients

I’ve put a new page up on my website about the excellent Commands & Colors: Ancients game. It’s just couple of variant rules and some scenario results now, but may grow in the future.

HOWTO updates

I’ve just upgraded to Fedora Core 5. As a consequence, I’ve updated the following HOWTOs Fedora Core on Thinkpad X40 HOWTO Fedora Multimedia Installation HOWTO