How the Left Betrayed Iraq

Every opponent of the war in Iraq must read this essay by an Iraqi, How The Left Betrayed My Country. Short, sweet, and devastating.

A Unified Theory of Male Slobbishness and Female Preening

It’s all about asymmetrical investment, boys and girls…. One of the hot topics in the blogosphere recently has been the difference between male and female standards of attractiveness, and what this has to do with feminism and “the beauty myth”. Ann Althouse has been having fun at the expense of Laura Kipnis’s column bemoaning the… Continue reading A Unified Theory of Male Slobbishness and Female Preening

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Appreciating Joe Satriani

I like to listen to instrumental electric guitar, and have a very large collection of the genre from the pioneering Jeff Beck albums of the 1970s forward, and including most of the output of Jeff Beck, Steve Morse, Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, Gary Hoey, Marc Bonilla, and half a dozen other guitar virtuosi. The seldom-disputed… Continue reading Appreciating Joe Satriani

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