Commands and Colors: Ancients

I’ve put a new page up on my website about the excellent Commands & Colors: Ancients game. It’s just couple of variant rules and some scenario results now, but may grow in the future.

20 thoughts on “Commands and Colors: Ancients

  1. “Did you hear that they took Recursive out of the Jargon File? Too many people kept trying to look it up.”


    Except I think its funnier with one more word:

    “Did you hear that they took Recursive out of the Jargon File? Too many people kept trying to look it up AGAIN.”

  2. Boooooo! ESR doesn’t believe in free speech. He has started to moderate perfectly OK comments.

    Shame on you ESR. You have proved that you are a hypocite after all.

    Editor says: I dunno what this Kawish character is talking about. Maybe I’ll ban him now.

  3. I dunno man, if ESR hasn’t banned me (or Big Hacking, or several others who have been critical), then I don’t know what you could have done to get him to “ban” you.

    He threatened me with grievous bodily harm, (and didn’t seem to want to understand the potential consequences of his actions, both taken and threatened) but he never moved to ‘ban’ me.

  4. ESR should just put up two ‘sticky’ posts, one where people can post comments criticizing him and another where people can leave comments criticizing libertarianism. That seems to be where most everything winds up going no matter what the topic.

  5. Maybe ESR should have the moderated comments available for free, but charge $5 for TotalArmedandDangerous, where you can see the unmoderated comments.

  6. David,

    Which comments are you advocating charging for? Those that ESR has removed, or those that he has deemed appropriate?

  7. Hey, the comments are suddenly unmoderated!

    I think you go on a probationary period before being allowed to post freely.

  8. Why do you not have *any* links to
    – the top page of your blog
    – your website
    on your blog pages

    [it’s 2008 but this seemed the most appropriate place to comment]

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