Great War II

Donald Sensing has suggested that it may have been a bad thing that the Allies won the First World War, and sketched an alternate history. Stephen Green has replied. Donald, I buy your scenario in the West (Germans go home, keeping Alsace-Lorraine) but I think Steve is right that your take on German war aims… Continue reading Great War II

What Planet does Naomi Wolf Live On?

Naomi Wolf’s essay The Porn Myth strongly suggests that she lives on some other planet. It has been pretty well fisked over at Haight Speech and elsewhere. But so far, all of the people I’ve seen shredding it are women. Perhaps this is because it’s politically incorrect for us panting, grunting persons-of-testicle to trash-talk a… Continue reading What Planet does Naomi Wolf Live On?

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Stupid Like A Fox

For the kind of articulate extrovert who tends to go into politics or the media, it can be very difficult to believe that a stumble-tongued, inarticulate man can be other than an idiot. As an articulate extrovert myself, I’ve had to struggle with this. Like most of our media and chattering classes, my instinct too… Continue reading Stupid Like A Fox

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Attack of the Malaysian Moonbats

Today, a bunch of prominent warbloggers were hit by a denial-of-service attack apparently orchestrated by a bunch of comically incompetent al-Qaeda affiliates in Malaysia — and I wasn’t a target. I’d ask what I’ve been doing wrong with my life that I missed out on the honor of being personally targeted by Osama’s fuckwit brigade.… Continue reading Attack of the Malaysian Moonbats

Planets of Adventure

Bless Jim Baen, who at times seems determined to reprint the entire Golden Age midlist of SF. for he has given us a good thick anthology of some of the best stories of Murray Leinster — a writer once counted among science-fiction’s reliable best, but since unfairly forgotten. I come away from Planets of Adventure… Continue reading Planets of Adventure

Toxic Christianity, round two

In the October 15th Best of the Web, James Taranto asks: So let’s see if we have this straight: The head of the Anglican Church is telling us that the wanton murder of thousands of innocent people [by Palestinian terrorists] is a sign of “serious moral goals,” while the liberation of millions [of Iraqis] from… Continue reading Toxic Christianity, round two

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Mohammed was a Christian

In a recent blog entry I mentioned that Islam appears to have begun life as a mildly schismatic Christian sect. In the comments on that entry someone called for sources. Here is what I know about this: (First, a note on my general background: I am neither a Christian nor a Moslem, and in fact… Continue reading Mohammed was a Christian

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Nuke ’em for Christ

Pat Robertson, the same paragon of Christian virtue who has opined in the past that Wiccans like me should be burned alive the way they used to in the good old days, just created an interesting dilemma for me by suggesting that the State Department should be nuked. As a pagan anarchist, I’m completely uninterested… Continue reading Nuke ’em for Christ

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No Flies On The U.S.

In his recent article Flypaper: A Strategy Unfolds, Andrew Sullivan trots out some confirming evidence for the theory that the U.S. is pursuing a “flypaper strategy” in Iraq — encouraging the Islamist terror network to fight American soldiers there so they won’t be attacking American civilians here. Mr. Sullivan’s analysis is plausible. Plausible enough that… Continue reading No Flies On The U.S.

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