5 thoughts on “HOWTO updates

  1. Nevermind, I should’ve read the links before asking the previous question (the answer seems to be no). Sorry.

  2. Based on these HOWTOs, you would be far better of if you upgraded to Ubuntu Breezy instead of FC5 – for me, half of these multimedia issues were working well by default (f.e. DVD playing in Totem) and the other half solved with a few clicks in Automatix.

    Why actually do you stick to Fedora?

  3. “A long-term risk that you accept by using the proprietary code referenced in this HOWTO is that of becoming dependent on the whims of a proprietary software vendor. It isn’t necessary to have that old-time Free Software religion to see that this is a problem.”

    The latter remark totally does not belong in a technical document.

  4. I got DVDs to play fine in Totem and Xine on FC5 following the directions at http://www.fedorafaq.org/ .

    PS: AmaroK is Linux’s true secret weapon. There will be mass conversions from Windows once more people see it in action.

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