Reposturgeon recruits the CryptBitKeeper!

I haven’t announced a reposurgeon release on the blog in some time because recent releases have mostly been routine stuff and bugfixes. But today we have a feature that many will find interesting: reposurgeon can now read BitKeeper repositories. This is its first new version-control system since Monotone was added in mid-2015.

Reposturgeon and Santa Claus Against The Martians!

Here’s a late New Year’s gift for all you repository-editing fiends out there: the long-awaited and perhaps long-dreaded reposurgeon 3.0. In Heads up: the reposturgeon is mutating! I described the downside of a strategy of incremental small language changes aimed at preserving compatibility: you can wind up trapped by suboptimal early decisions. Sometimes, you have… Continue reading Reposturgeon and Santa Claus Against The Martians!

Announcing cvssync, with thoughts on “good enough”

There’s an ancient Unix maxim to the effect that a tool that gets 85% of your job done now is preferable to one that gets 100% done never. Sometimes chasing corner cases is more work than the problem really justifies. In today’s dharma lesson, I shall illustrate this principle with a real-world and useful example.

Reposurgeon Battles All Monsters!

Though there haven’t been any huge dramatic improvements since Subversion analysis got good enough to use even on horribly gnarly repositories, reposurgeon continues to quietly get better and faster. I shipped 2.43 a few minutes ago.

coverity-submit 1.12 released

OK, this is embarrassing. I got a Mercurial command wrong in 1.11 – thanks to A&D regular Jay Maynard for pointing out the error. But I landed another minor feature. So there.

coverity-submit 1.11 is released

Yes, I know I shipped a point release of this yesterday. Then some new features landed as a direct result of that release. Mainly, smart defaults for user name and ID, and repo support for hg/bzr/svn. Also (cosmetic addition) the project now has a logo. Code here.

vms-empire 1.10 released

There’s a genre of computer games called 4X (explore/expand/exploit/exterminate). well-known examples of which include the Civilization series and Master of Orion. Ever wonder what the ur-progenitor of this genre was, the game at the root of 4X in the way Colossal Cave Adventure created the genre of dungeon-crawl games? It was Walter Bright’s game “Empire”… Continue reading vms-empire 1.10 released

Announcing cvs-fast-export

For those of you who have been following my work on tools to muck out the swamp that is CVS, a new shovel: cvs-fast-export. Note, this is an alpha release for testing purposes; double-check the quality of any conversions you do with it carefully.

robotfindskitten – the Mayan Apocalypse Edition!

Today’s very special non-world-ending software release, triggered if not originated from here at Eric Conspiracy Secret Laboratories is the amazing Zen simulation, Robot Finds Kitten. I bow in respect before Leonard Richardson and the other giants of kitten-finding history and am humbly proud to be counted among the select few who have contributed to this… Continue reading robotfindskitten – the Mayan Apocalypse Edition!