coverity-submit 1.12 released

OK, this is embarrassing. I got a Mercurial command wrong in 1.11 – thanks to A&D regular Jay Maynard for pointing out the error. But I landed another minor feature. So there.

coverity-submit 1.11 is released

Yes, I know I shipped a point release of this yesterday. Then some new features landed as a direct result of that release. Mainly, smart defaults for user name and ID, and repo support for hg/bzr/svn. Also (cosmetic addition) the project now has a logo. Code here.

Can micropatronage save the net?

How can we fund common Internet infrastructure without risking that it will be captured by corporations or governments? He who pays the piper tends to call the tune, which is a bad thing when you don’t actually want the content of your network to be controlled. This is a problem I’ve been worrying about a… Continue reading Can micropatronage save the net?

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The Smartphone Wars: Nokia gives it up for Microsoft

It’s been quite a while since I wrote a Smartphone Wars post; I let the series lapse when I concluded that the source I was using for U.S. market share figures had likely disconnected from reality (and more recent surveys from other sources suggest I was right). But the developments of the last couple of… Continue reading The Smartphone Wars: Nokia gives it up for Microsoft