Jan 29

RISC-V is doing disruption right

I’ve recently become aware of RISC-V.

Verry innterresting.

Technical introduction here (somewhat out of date; hardware support is broader and deeper now, and I have seen video of a full Linux port running Doom), but the technicalia is not mostly where I’m going with this post.

I’m seeing a setup for a potentially classic disruption from below here. And not mainly because this instruction set is well designed, though it is. Simple, clean, orthogonal – it makes my compiler-jock heart happy; writing a code generator for it would be fun. If I needed to, but there’s already an LLVM back end for it.

And that points at what’s really interesting about RISC-V. whoever is running their product strategy has absorbed the lessons of previous technology disruptions and is running this one like a boss.

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Jan 13

A martial artist looks at swordfighting in the movies

I was reminded, earlier today, that one of the interesting side effects of knowing something about hand-to-hand and contact-weapons-based martial arts makes a big difference in how you see movies.

Most people don’t have that knowledge. So today I’m going to write about the quality of sword choreography in movies, and how that has changed over time, from the point of view of someone who is an experienced multi-style martial artist in both sword and empty hand. I think this illuminates a larger story about the place of martial arts in popular Western culture.

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