The most important weapons of al-Qaeda and the rest of the Islamist terror network are the suicide bomber and the suicide thinker. The suicide bomber is typically a Muslim fanatic whose mission it is to spread terror; the suicide thinker is typically a Western academic or journalist or politician whose mission it is to destroy… Continue reading Suicidalism

Help with WordPress

This is a request for help from my readers. I’m trying to find out how to hack WP so that it will never insert <br> tags in my entries. I want it to ignore hard newlines, treating them as soft.

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Upgrade in progress

My WordPress instance was just upgraded from 1.2 to 1.5. The visual presentation may have a glitch or two until I edit the template. UPDATE: Aaargh. It looks like the special magic in the templates has been changed enough that I will have to rebuild my look and feel from scratch. This may take a… Continue reading Upgrade in progress

Eric writes about the shoes

Aa a finger exercise in writing, I decided to submit a piece to Manolo’s Essay Contest. The constraints — low word count, a subject that really doesn’t interest me much — appealed to me. I figured if I could produce something interesting under those circumstances, it would be an accomplishment. Here it is. You be… Continue reading Eric writes about the shoes

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Impotent radicals

A minor SF writer of radical Marxist political convictions recently uttered a rather incoherent rant in which, among other things, she accused me of “simple-minded right-wing” views. I’m not going to name her because I don’t dislike the woman enough to want to add to her troubles. But I’ve heard this song before from other… Continue reading Impotent radicals

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The first good thing to come of Hurricane Katrina

Oh, my stars and garters. A pro-firearms story in the New York Times? Yes, children, it has actually happened: Police and Owners Begin to Challenge Looters (link via InstaPundit). Property owners with guns maintaining civil order in their neighborhood are cited approvingly. There’s even a picture of a handsome armed couple “on the lookout for… Continue reading The first good thing to come of Hurricane Katrina

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