Names and consequences abruptly changed its name to a couple of days ago. As a consequence, the little program I wrote to submit release announcements to it is now renamed freecode-submit.

People who ship releases frequently enough to find freecode-submit essential might also want to look at shipper, which I wrote to automate other aspects of release shipping as well.

shipper is how, when I want to ship a release of one of my projects, I can normally just type “make release” and the right things will happen – webpage updates, freecode release notification, SourceForge release, and release-tagging in the project repository.


  1. Why so specific “freecode-submit”? Shouldn’t it be an app with configuration options or some such?
    Do you have a program for each site you submit release announcements to?

    1. >Why so specific “freecode-submit”?

      Because it uses an XML-RPC interface that isn’t supported by any other site. Issuing of generic release announcements is actually shipper’s job – with it you can set up channels for, e.g, email notifications as well as freshmeat. And shipper calls freecode-submit – proper separation of function.

      Perhaps I’m displaying my ignorance, but I don’t actually know of any other close analogs to Freshmeat. I suppose I could add Twitter support.

  2. @esr –

    A tiny bug on “” – the link that points to its Freecode page has in the URL (which is some bogus parked domain), not .com.

    ESR says: Thanks, fixed.

    1. >Why is shipper version 0.14 ? Are there features planned for a 1.0 ? or is it just … well, numbering?

      It’s still 0.x because, though it’s useful for production, I’m not sure I have the design model right. It’s been through two complete redesigns since I first conceived it.

  3. I was thinking ’bout Shipper.

    I dl’d the code, and I’m looking it over. I’m intrigued that it has been redesigned twice, and if there is a DD for each of those designs it would greatly broaden my perspective, I think. Hence the question.

  4. Is it just me or is there a shit load of sarcastic esr haters out there? What has the man actually done wrong besides being a bit of a geek? I mean, there are pedophiles, rapists and murderers in the world. Why hate a creative and some-what cool geek like Eric?

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