Night of the living reposturgeon!

reposurgeon 1.7 is out. Fewer obvious changes this time; the big feature is that it knows how to read and use the CVS revision maps generated by the -R option of git-cvsimport. This means that it can patch CVS revision references into an action-stamp form that makes sense in a VCS-independent way.

Fear the reposturgeon!


  1. Why do I get the feeling that after the next major feature bump the post title will be “Reposurgeon 2.0: Electric Eel Boogaloo”?

  2. Nah. “Reposturgeon rides again”, and “Reposturgeon vs. Mothra” are still available. But it’s confusing the name of the project with the name of the mascot. The googles will be dumbfounded.

  3. Ultimately, no matter what the final naming sequence is, or how many versions are in the sequence, or how clever the plotting or exciting the special effects are, the one that the most fans will remember most fondly, and upon which the critics will heap the most praise will ever be “The Wrath of Reposturgeon”.

    All of this being obvious, I will personally always have a special fondness for “The Reposturgeon Walks Among Us”, which will also, of course, be the one that almost no one else will have seen or remember … sigh …


    > The googles will be dumbfounded

    I think you mean “the Google” in the singular form, as our wise, erudite and beloved former leader so eloquently noted, see


  4. I didn’t realise I was trying to be grammatically correct. In any case, I meant “multiple search engines”, not just the one.

  5. ReposTurgeon is the mascot of Reposurgeon, the program.

    For the 2.0 release, I’m envisioning Reposturgeon 2: Repo Harder.

  6. RepoSturgeon: a big smelly fish that comes by dead of night to repossess my car.

    Eric, have you locked down the movie rights?

  7. Meh. When Eric gets tired of the naming, he can just go with:

    Final Reposturgeon
    Final Reposturgeon ||

    Final Reposturgeon XIV

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