Reposturgeon from the Black Lagoon!

reposurgeon 1.8 is out, and with this release it has all the conversion features I’ve been able to think up while doing the last couple of conversions. This version creates real tags from the lightweight tags generated by git-svn, and also consolidates matched D/A pairs from Subversion into renames.

An “edit multiline” variant of the “edit” command zeroes in on commit comments that need to be tweaked into the approved form for hg and git (summary line, plus optional blank line, plus optional details).

The selection-set syntax has a new element: =H selects tip (or H for head) commits.

A new ‘sort’ command can make the DAG after a graft or merge display better in tools such as gitk.

With this release, I think I’m done for a while – barring bug reports, of course. I’m shipped a new version of my DVCS Migration Guide to go with it.

Fear the reposturgeon!


  1. About DVCS Migration Guide

    -s ‘~’
    Map slashes in CVS tag names to tildes (or something else they don’t contain). This avoids confusing git, which will otherwise try to create directories beneath .git/refs/tags.
    Map underscores in tag names to periods. This is just cosmetic.

    Slashes in CVS tag names do not confuse Git; Git supports hierarchical refnames, including hierarchical tags. And those tags (‘foo/bar’) work as any other. So it is not about confusion, but about cosmetic.

    ESR says: Noted. Will revise appropriately.

  2. Why does anyone need version control anyway? Everyone knows that the latest code is always the best.

  3. @Dan:

    Try creating some significant piece of software, then accidentally introduce some subtle bug into a core function or class or whatever and then try to _find_ what, exactly, happened and when. Not possible without version control.

  4. @Morgan:

    Firstly, why are you introducing bugs? That’s silly. I avoid it.

    Secondly, have you never heard of ctrl-z to undo?

  5. “I do not always test my code. But when I do, I do it on the production server.”

    — The Most Interesting Programmer In The World. Some elements may be parodic. You have been warned.

  6. +Dan: Ctrl+Z for undo? Now _that’s_ silly. Everyone knows that undo is simply ‘u’ in command mode. Those insisting it must be `C-x u’ would probably get more done if they’d realize that their chosen operating system would be okay if only it had a decent text editor.

    +Ken Burnside, What is this “test” you speak of?

  7. Are you harshing on Notepad again? I suppose you’ll soon be delivering your crapnix-fanboi line about Windows for Workgroups not having enterprise-class networking.

  8. +Dan

    No, unlike most Unix fanboys, I actually _know_ enough about Windows Server to pass the MSCE certification exams. So you wouldn’t want me to really pick on Windows.

    1. >So you wouldn’t want me to really pick on Windows.

      Ah, Windows. Because you really want to be p0wned through a passive port. Sure you do.

  9. >Ah, Windows. Because you really want to be p0wned through a passive port. Sure you do.

    Well, duh, yeah, we do. Otherwise, how would we get the copies of Win AntiVirus Pro we so desperately need?

    Won’t someone please think of the Belizeans?

  10. @Paul Brinkley: Technically, WinFixer is a Trojan. Installation doesn’t involve p0wning through passive sockets; rather, it entices lusers to install it voluntarily through websites, popups, etc.

  11. @Mark Atwood: Actually Russell Nelson already brought MediaWiki to esr’s attention. I was under the impression that had already decided on a toolset and course of action for the conversion, but based on the number of things yet to be done and how far behind their original timeline they are, reposurgeon may save the day.

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