Upgrade in progress

My WordPress instance was just upgraded from 1.2 to 1.5. The visual presentation may have a glitch or two until I edit the template.

UPDATE: Aaargh. It looks like the special magic in the templates has been changed enough that I will have to rebuild my look and feel from scratch. This may take a while…

10 thoughts on “Upgrade in progress

  1. I keep my WordPress instance in Subversion with the original in a vendor branch. When an upgrade comes out, I upgrade the vendor branch and then sync up the trunk. It makes it a little easier to merge (though it’s still a pain).

  2. Is your old theme just a CSS stylesheet, or is it more than that?

    Because if it is just CSS, you may be able to use the Classic theme, and put the CSS sheet in the Classic theme directory, replacing the stylesheet already there: [blog directory]/wp-content/themes/classic .

  3. My old theme was a customized template plus CSS. I think some of the PHP code in the template interpreter must have changed, because my template is totall broken — it no longer sets up a comments list. My CSS is only slightly broken.

  4. My question: I tried to upgrade to WP 2.8 two weeks ago, but didn’t succeed, there seemed to be a bug, after the install you can’t log-in anymore as an admin… Anybody knows if things have changed by now?

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