Attack of the Malaysian Moonbats

Today, a bunch of prominent warbloggers were hit by a
denial-of-service attack apparently orchestrated by a bunch of
comically incompetent al-Qaeda affiliates in Malaysia — and
I wasn’t a target.

I’d ask what I’ve been doing wrong with my life that I missed out
on the honor of being personally targeted by Osama’s fuckwit brigade.
But alas, I know full well wherein I failed. This is what I get for
going on hiatus for months to finish my book and put multiple spokes
in the wheels of SCO. I didn’t maintain the momentum I had in
2002/early-2003, and fell off the moonbats’ radar.

To all of you who were targeted — Internet Hagannah, InstaPundit,
Steve denBeste, Charles Johnson, and others: you have my respect and
my thanks for what you do every day. The war against terror is a war
of ideas as well as bullets. You do great service by unflinchingly
exposing the lies of the terror network and its apologists in the
West. The Malaysian Moonbats, in recognizing this, have paid you
greater tribute than I can.

Hmmm. Maybe I ought to update the Anti-Idiotarian Manifesto.
Think that’d piss ’em off enough that they’s try to DDOS me?

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2 thoughts on “Attack of the Malaysian Moonbats

  1. Enough with the al-quaeda crap…. theyre being blamed for everything from Paris Hilton’s video to Michael Jackson’s charges….

    They were good enough for the democrats when they were in Bosnia and in Kosovo,….you cant create, arm and use the twits and then get pissed off at them when they dont serve your needs. Where is the love?

    Although they make the best pretext for all type of lameos …wait till Darl uses them as a last second effort: “Linux has been infiltrated by al-quaeda to destroy the american way of life, therefore it must be considered terroristic software”.


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