If Guns Are Outlawed, Outlaws Will Use Crossbows

happened about 15 minutes from where I live:

Police in West Chester are looking for an assailant they believe used
a crossbow to shoot a pedestrian from a passing SUV.

The victim, a restaurant worker who was walking home along High
Street early Sunday morning, was shot in the stomach with a 16-inch
hunting arrow. He was released Wednesday from the University of
Pennsylvania Hospital in Philadelphia.

Benito Vargas told police he was at the corner of High and Barnard
Streets at about 1 a.m. when he saw the white SUV’s driver-side window
slide down, revealing the front part a crossbow just inside. Seconds
later, he was lying on the ground.


“This thing would be silent. You wouldn’t hear any noise,” West
Chester Detective Thomas Yarnall said. […] Yarnall said the
shooting appeared random […]

Gives a whole old meaning to the phrase “looking for a quarrel”,
which in fact, originally referred to a crossbow bolt.

UPDATE:(Well, maybe. Some etymologists think the noun quarrel and verb quarrel have
separate origins.)

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  1. Explain me why there’s twice more crime in the USA (295 734 134 people) than in the whole European Union (459 087 546 people)…

  2. Eric I found this on your website:

    (Warning: this argument is not intended for the intelligence-impaired. If you find you just don’t get it, think some more. If you still don’t get it, I suggest you give up on public policy and go watch Melrose Place or something.)
    If you disagree with everything I have said on this site and are gung-ho for gun control, I suggest you live up to your convictions by posting a big sign on your front lawn that reads:


    I wish you joy of all the delightful visitors you will attract.
    No? Sound like a bad idea to you? Then perhaps you should consider how dependent you are on the kindness of ‘gun nuts’ and rethink your position…

    Well I would not have a problem with thi sign. I live in a civiliced contry, no guns, no need to lock your doors, I’m happy that we in Australia have strict gun control laws. Oh its not very intelligent what you are writing and show, that you are very narrow minded not looking at statistics.

    However I like your work, except you blood thirsty self defence everyone-should-have-a-firearm attitdute.

    On the other hand: Maybe this is the attidute you need to have to survive in the US. Katrina has shown that for sure…

  3. One of the most remarkable characteristics of ignorant people is the willingness to express opinions on matters about which they have absolutely no clue. I am addressing those whose opinion is without education, reason, intellect or facts. Facts are that crime escalated badly in Australia with gun control. As a retired police officer, I encourage anyone who will listen to own weapons in jurisdictions where gun ownership is legal. Most importantly, learn to use weapons, learn how to safeguard weapons, learn when lethal force is justified and when it is not, and be capable of protecting yourself and your family rather than hide behind the sofa as a girl-e-man. Secondly, if you’re not capable of using lethal force to protect yourself, your family and your neighbors, i.e., kill somebody, if your not capable of taking some miscreant’s life who will otherwise take yours and rape your wife before killing her in a home invasion, then you deserve what you get. While I recognize that the testosterone levels of the women who associate with liberals is greater than their men, its nothing to be proud of. As for Katrina, the entitlement mentality and social engineering by liberals, rejected by conservatives, led the U.S. to this precipice of social engineering called “black box socialism.” This assumes a few people know the difference between a liberal and a conservative beyond just opinions. Good website.

  4. Here in the UK we are plagued with property crime and burglary. Our joke police “solve” the problem by saying it doesn’t exist.

    At the same time, our “law” says we cannot defend ourselves IN OUR OWN HOMES unless we use “reasonable force”. What is reasonable is decided on the whims of cops and judges.

    If we were allowed to own guns in the way Americans can, the problem would cease to exist. If we were also careful not to introduce “gun-free-zone” legislation, we would also avoid all the bloodshed caused by the Democrats’ stupid and reckless law.

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