I may have to disable IntenseDebate

I may have to disable IntenseDebate. The interface for approving/deleting/spam-flagging posts seems broken since sometime yesterday; I suspect some sort of database problem at intensedebate.com, as my local Javascript hasn’t changed.

If you have left a comment which has not appeared, have patience. I will try untangling the mess from my home machine Sunday night when I get home from my current road trip.


  1. I hope you do. The threading and voting would be nice to have, but I have a dial-up connection and it is incredibly slow to load. Worse, the most interesting posts have long comment threads and the paging of the comments means it is repeatedly slow to load.

  2. if this plugin is responsible for your Comments becoming restricted to page-by-page subsets of posts ("click Next [o see next subset]"), please: PLEASE get rid of it.

    it's now extremely onerous to work out if someone has commented on a comment, or if discussions have evolved since your last view of the site. if you, eric, like having discussions evolve and/or discuss things fully, you should be aware the current interface is highly counter-productive.

    e.g.: i've been off-net for a couple of weeks but wanted to post a discovered update to the rare-earths discussion (a googleable article surfaced in my to-be-scanned pile), and after 15mins i discover myself floundering as to exactly where that discussion is. Then, giving up and looking more widely, unwilling to comment usefully on any othernon-trivial discussion because i can't casually see what's been happening since last i checked in.

    as it stands, your site is no longer open to useful discussion contributions from the non-obsessed/non-stalker.

    1. >if this plugin is responsible for your Comments becoming restricted to page-by-page subsets of posts (\\"click Next [o see next subset]\\"), please: PLEASE get rid of it.

      It is, and I hate this misfeature too. If I can\\'t figure out a way to disable it, I may very well drop the plugin.

  3. I have sent a gripe to the IntenseDebate maintainers. If they can't tell me how to prevent comments from being chunked into pages, I'm going to disable the plugin.

  4. I doubt very much that it's advisable, even if it is possible, based on the slowdown I see just by loading each page of comments: the amount of data traveling back and forth in a 250 posts thread must be interesting.

  5. It's funny, I can see 47 comments (including my own) when I check the page "Irrational Expectations" in elinks but I get 42 (excluding mine) when I view it in Safari.

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