freecode-submit 2.4 is released

Yes, two software releases in a day is an unusually rapid tempo even from me. But freecode-submit is part of my release machinery for other projects, and when I shipped GIFLIB 5.0.0 I discovered it had gone all pear-shaped on me. Problem turned out to be an unannounced change in freecode’s JSON interface. I hate it when that happens…

Here it is: freecode-submit 2.4. Enjoy. This project was brought to you by Python and JSON, two technologies that make this kind of specialized client tool as little hassle to write as it’s ever going to be.


  1. 1) text in the link is incorrect…surely a typo-of-habit from days past
    2) it sure would be nice if you posted your Python work to PyPI…just sayin’

  2. Hah! Any day I can write something more complex than “Hello, World” is a good day.

    Let me put the bar down where it belongs. You guys can put foo wherever you like.


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