VMS Empire 1.9 released

Recent discussion of the 4X game Eclipse reminded me of a responsibility. I’ve just shipped VMS Empire 1.9. This is a close descendent of the original solitaire Empire computer game that was the ur-ancestor of all 4X computer games, including Civilization and Master of Orion.


  1. I see sometimes you point to projects I didn’t even know you had~ do you have a page with _all_ the projects you work on?

  2. Cool…hmmm…I guess it became GPL a long time ago but the one we hacked a long time ago wasn’t as far as I could remember. Although now I can’t remember if it was the Langston empire or the decus one.

  3. Off topic:

    ESR, did you change something with the way the gravatar system works? Whereas before I was seeing (on a long comments page) several hundred resources being blocked by my script-blocking chrome extension I am now seeing none!

    I think it may be a bug with the extension though (just updated to a new version) so just wanted to check with you.

    1. >ESR, did you change something with the way the gravatar system works?

      No, but I disabled vote buttons and the comment previewing that was overlaying the Submit button. This doubtless removed a lot of Javascript.

    1. >Sounds like you might be stepping on an HP trademark there.

      I suppose if an HP lawyer’s breakfast disagreed with him I might get a cease-and-desist, but I’ve been distributing it as “VMS Empire” since at latest 2002 and I think actually 1995, and nobody’s uttered a peep.

  4. @esr:
    In Chrome under Ubuntu, the “Post Comment” button looks a tad off to the right. Haven’t noticed in other platform/browser combos.

  5. Imagine my disappointment when I finally realized that this WASN’T a flashy new game designed especially for my trusty MicroVAX.

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