13 thoughts on “VMS Empire 1.9 released

  1. I see sometimes you point to projects I didn’t even know you had~ do you have a page with _all_ the projects you work on?

  2. Cool…hmmm…I guess it became GPL a long time ago but the one we hacked a long time ago wasn’t as far as I could remember. Although now I can’t remember if it was the Langston empire or the decus one.

  3. Oh my god it actually works (on OS X)!

    Thanks for this.

    Now to read the manual…

  4. Off topic:

    ESR, did you change something with the way the gravatar system works? Whereas before I was seeing (on a long comments page) several hundred resources being blocked by my script-blocking chrome extension I am now seeing none!

    I think it may be a bug with the extension though (just updated to a new version) so just wanted to check with you.

  5. >ESR, did you change something with the way the gravatar system works?

    No, but I disabled vote buttons and the comment previewing that was overlaying the Submit button. This doubtless removed a lot of Javascript.

  6. >Sounds like you might be stepping on an HP trademark there.

    I suppose if an HP lawyer’s breakfast disagreed with him I might get a cease-and-desist, but I’ve been distributing it as “VMS Empire” since at latest 2002 and I think actually 1995, and nobody’s uttered a peep.

  7. @Michael thanks~ now I wonder how come I never noticed that link in the toolbar.

  8. @esr:
    In Chrome under Ubuntu, the “Post Comment” button looks a tad off to the right. Haven’t noticed in other platform/browser combos.

  9. Imagine my disappointment when I finally realized that this WASN’T a flashy new game designed especially for my trusty MicroVAX.

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