Da Big Snow

Yup, the blizzard is big. Here in eastern Pennsylvania we’ve had over a foot of snow and
a lot of drifting today. I shoveled my driveway. I’m going to be stiff tomorrow.

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  1. Geez, anyone who wants some authentic eastern PA snow can have my share… at least that which is piled on my car, sidewalk and driveway. I’ll mail it to you, happily. ;)

  2. Eric,

    Well, it’s tomorrow since you posted your last entry, nearly sunset. I hope you are not too sore. Up here in Michigan (in the area of Penguicon) not even a single flake! Funny, I think it’s a bummer.

    I hope you are relaxing by a warm fire, and also hope to see you again in April.

    While you are relaxing; please simply click on my URL. You and Rob were instrumental in its creation, and I hope it truly becomes a hacker touchstone!

    Allied in the code,


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