Yee-ha! W00t! Excelsior!

I got email from Dr. Stanley Schmidt, the editor of Analog,
about an hour ago. The bad news was, he turned down the short story. The
good news was he accepted the fact article.

I’m going to be published in Analog!

/me does geeky victory dance

OK, so this is one of those things where if you don’t immediately
get why it’s wicked cool, no amount of explanation is likely to
enlighten you. I’ll just say I’ve been a science-fiction fan
for 35 years and Analog has always been the banner-bearer
for my kind of SF, the stuff with the rivets in it. I’ve wanted to
get published there when I grew up ever since I was 11 years old;
this is literally a childhood dream come true.

Oh. And Dr. Schmidt asked me to send him more fiction…


  1. That is wicked cool!

    I haven’t had a subscription to Analog in a long time, but you’ll let us know what issue it’s in, so I can go by the newstand? Right?

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  3. Congrats, Eric! I second the comment about David Weber. If you get a chance to talk to him some time at a convention, it’s time well spent. He’s a great guy, a wonderful storyteller (spoken as well as written), and a serious gun collector.

  4. Yeah! Way to go… I love Analog SF and read it nearly every month (not subscribed, so it varies). Congrats man! And by the way… could you post some of your fiction or email it me? Hm I’d like that… :)

  5. woohoo! I’ve got a pretty good idea of how you feel; I’d love to get an article in QST, but I’ve gotta write one that the average ham would read.

    You realize, of course, that you’re going to have to let your adoring fans (all three of us) read your fiction, don’t you?

    While I’ve never read Analog (pick your chin up off the floor), I’ll go find a copy of the one with your article in it. This is nontrivial in Fairmont, Minnesota, but I’ll manage.

  6. I haven’t read Analog in decades (the serializations of Dune and the first Lord Kalvan story were in my last issues) but the fact articles were always the first thing I turned to. Something to be proud of.

    Along with echoing the congratulations, I will also echo the recommendation of Dave Weber’s writing, specificly the Honor Harrington stories. The mechanism of space travel is well developed and well fitted to the story line, and Honor’s arsenal includes a .45 automatic (inherited from an uncle active in the SCA!-).

  7. David Weber’s HH books present the unedifying spectacle of (a) an author in love with his heroine, and (b) a Rudy Giuliani universe, in which political opponents are inevitably and necessarily scum. I remember feeling that way in 7th grade, but not recently.

    I’ll stick to C.S. Forester and Lois McMaster Bujold, thanks.

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