One thought on “The Anti-Idiotarian-Manifesto is officially released

  1. I’m a proud idiotarian, and I shall most probably be outcast from the society for my “committin a vast crime of moral negligence” by considering the real facts behind all emotional hubbub. I prefer reflection before aggressive action. Otherwise terrorists are criminals, but we have many options, not just putting down them as rabid dogs – we may consider disrupting their financial network, we may consider abstaining from killing irrelevant crooks for later, and concentrate on the terrorists and their resources now. Besides: your original statements of alleged connections with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea was misleading. They were irrelevant crooks then, and they’re irrelevant now. The al-Qaida is financially based somewhere in the fringe of Afro-asiatic-speaking Northern Africa up to South Western Asia.

    Cheers: keep up your idiosyncratic spirits! Or take a break, whatever you like to – freedom is for all, everyone, everywere and everywhen … if it’s balanced with other humans’ needs.

    Friendly greetings from the proud non-idiosyncratical idiotarian: Tomas Kindahl

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