The Anti-Idiotarian-Manifesto is officially released

It’s out. The Manifesto site is here. The Manifesto has been
submitted to PetitionOnline. To show your
support, please add one of thw web buttons to your splash page.

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  1. I’m a proud idiotarian, and I shall most probably be outcast from the society for my “committin a vast crime of moral negligence” by considering the real facts behind all emotional hubbub. I prefer reflection before aggressive action. Otherwise terrorists are criminals, but we have many options, not just putting down them as rabid dogs – we may consider disrupting their financial network, we may consider abstaining from killing irrelevant crooks for later, and concentrate on the terrorists and their resources now. Besides: your original statements of alleged connections with Iraq, Iran, and North Korea was misleading. They were irrelevant crooks then, and they’re irrelevant now. The al-Qaida is financially based somewhere in the fringe of Afro-asiatic-speaking Northern Africa up to South Western Asia.

    Cheers: keep up your idiosyncratic spirits! Or take a break, whatever you like to – freedom is for all, everyone, everywere and everywhen … if it’s balanced with other humans’ needs.

    Friendly greetings from the proud non-idiosyncratical idiotarian: Tomas Kindahl

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