Friends of Armed & Dangerous gathering 2018

The 2018 edition of the annual Friends of Armed & Dangerous FTF will be held in room 821 of the Southfield Westin in Southfield, MI between 9 p.m. and 12 p.m. this evening.

If you are at Penguicon, or in the neighborhood and can talk yourself yourself in, come join us for an evening of scintillating conversation and mildly exotic refreshments.

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      1. Desert (or dinner) should not involve endorphins.

        I bet replacing the water with scotch or bourbon would taste even better.

        I had Irish Coffee and “artisanal” doughnuts for desert last night.

        It was tasty.

    1. > AAR anyone?

      Because our cat got seriously sick very late Wednesday evening, my wife and I had to forgo Penguicon this year. (I did manage to drive up Friday for just long enough to coordinate GwG.)


      (Yes, the cat is much better already.)

    2. >AAR, anyone? About the party or the con?

      Party was not large (many of the usual suspects weren’t at the con) but maintained our standards of drawing an interesting crowd.

      Con enjoyable. No SJW crap in my face the whole weekend – others who’d been braced for it reported similarly. I think maybe the noise we made on the ML concentrated a few minds.

        1. I’ve seen John Ringo at Libertycon, where he’s a regular. Tells some damned funny stories.

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