src 1.13 is released

My exercise in how small you can make a version-control system and still have it be useful, src, does seem to have a significant if quiet fanbase out there. I can tell because patches land in my mailbox at a slow but steady rate.

As the blurb says: Simple Revision Control is RCS/SCCS reloaded with a modern UI, designed to manage single-file solo projects kept more than one to a directory. Use it for FAQs, ~/bin directories, config files, and the like. Features integer sequential revision numbers, a command set that will seem familiar to Subversion/Git/hg users, and no binary blobs anywhere.

5 thoughts on “src 1.13 is released

    • >Just for fun I threw it at an old directory of RCS-controlled files, and tripped over an argument-parsing bug:

      Doesn’t look like it’ll be hard to fix.

  1. Eric,

    Has Microsoft reached out to you about repository conversions yet?

    If not, consider this your heads up that they, or their remaining users still on CodePlex, may be in need of your “very particular srt of skills”:

    tl;dr: Microsoft gives up on its first, made-of-fail attempt to bootstrap an open-source community around its proprietary platform, declares GitHub the most plausible successor, promises to provide repo conversion tools as CodePlex spins down.

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