That’s Why They Call It ‘Sex Education’

I’m on the road in Thailand, speaking at a U.N. conference on sustainable A
development in the Third World. Earlier today I listened to a presentation
on the effects of sex education for women. The presentation mentioned some
cultural value conflicts about sex education, but it occurred to me that it
didn’t touch the biggest one. To wit: worldwide, the teachers want the
kids to learn abstinence, but what the kids to learn is technique.

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  1. Precisely. This issue is never touched upon – and all sex education finally results in learning the techniques, and getting better at them. In India, where talking about sex is almost a taboo in the society, we don’t even have sex education. :(

  2. When I was at school, we had lessons on the topic of sexual education. Many people liked this subject very much. We were often asked homework on these topics. My school homework to write a paper usually did not cause problems, since I liked this subject very much.
    I think our children need to prepare in advance and explain to them the moral principles of the relationship between a man and a woman. Because it may be too late.

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