Thanks again to those of you who hit the tip jar

This is a postscript to my saga of the graphics-card disaster.

Thank you. everybody who occasionally drops money in my PayPal account. In the past it has bought test hardware for GPSD. This week I had enough in it to pay for the Radeon card, the one that actually works.

Your donations help me maintain software that serves a billion people every day. Thank you again.

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    1. >piggybacking on Maxwell’s comment, your thoughts on bitcoin?

      Everybody wants to know that. I haven’t written about bitcoin because I want to understand it better before I do.

  1. I’d be interested in an account of what you like and dislike about the Bitcoin project, and whether you think it’s a good way of moving power away from governments and corporations.

  2. You should set up thumbs-up/down or such, Eric. Sometimes we’d just like to show support for something someone else said. +1 to Michael’s comment. I’d like to know your mind on this subject.

  3. One of the most entertaining aspects of Bitcoin is that transactions include a Forth-like scripting language — not turing-complete — and if you’re clever enough, you can use it to create things like cryptographically-secure assurance contracts. Or transactions which require two of three people to sign them, providing a mechanism for decentralized dispute mediation. Or secure transactions between Bitcoin and compatible currencies like Litecoin or the truly-anonymous Zerocoin. It’s like somebody combined every idea that anybody had ever had about cryptocurrencies, and then, wonder of wonders, people actually started using it.

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