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I finally got around to installing a site statistics plugin on this blog, about 20 minutes ago. There have since been 94 views.

I’m mainly interested in the order of magnitude. Do I have 1K readers per day? 10K?, 100K? My wild-ass guess is on the order of 10K. Now we’ll see.

21 thoughts on “Site statistics are enabled

    • >Does it count RSS feed checks, or just click-thoughs?

      I’m not sure. I’m using the Stats option of WordPress Jetpack and am not very familiar with it yet.

    • >Will you expose some kind of statistical summary somewhere on the blog for the rest of us to enjoy?

      If I can figure out how.

  1. Well, I tend to read your blog mostly via an rss reader, but I’ll click in to read comments on posts that interest me. On the other hand, I know my rss reader rechecks the feed every couple of minutes, so… It should be getting 304 Not Modifieds, but I don’t know what that would do to your stats.

    • >Is it my imagination or did you also add the new ‘notify me of comments/posts by email’ check boxes?

      That came with the WordPress 3.3.1 upgrade I did just before installling the stats pointer, I think.

  2. I would be disappointed if the number came in much less than 1A23D4FF5 – doesn’t everyone read this?

  3. I’ve read that WordPress generally, and its plugins in particular, are vulnerable to all kinds of hacks. Any reason why you wouldn’t try something like Google Analytics instead?

  4. Er, make that cracks instead of hacks. I was using hack in the colloquial sense, but I realize that’s not appropriate here. :)

  5. Rather than Google Analytics (GA) or other “cloud” based “solutions” (including’s which is what Jetpack uses), have a look at Piwik. Piwik is a free analytics system, which runs on PHP, MySQL and JavaScript (JS). Like GA you just drop a small bit of JS into each page (or use a plugin to do it for you). Sure it’s not perfect (web statistics can not be), but it’s better than giving all that valuable stats information to Google or Also, you get to be in control, which is pretty damn important if you ask me.

    I actually only came to ask if RSS was counted as well. But that question had already been asked. My guess is that unless you have a unique image (web beacon like) for each post, you will not be able to count individual post reads via RSS.

    • >I’d love a preview option on comments, and the ability to edit comments.

      I’ve looked for a plugin to do this, but all the ones I found on the WordPress site have been reported broken.

  6. Very cool that you got it going.
    If I am not sorely mistaken, the stats counter counts page views.
    It will not count RSS reads. It might count a same, not logged-in visitor, more than once, I’m not really sure about that.

  7. 10k a day is pretty damn decent? Why don’t you take a page from Internet marketers and try to monetize that? You could write eg an e-book on something and sell. There are plenty of people making a living that way who are way less smart and creative than you :)

  8. By the way, why is there no easy way to get to the home page of your blog? “Armed and Dangerous” at the upper left isn’t a link.

    • >Site stats may be enabled, but I can’t seem to find them. I am also curious.

      I haven’t found an option to make them generally visible yet.

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