Sugar is in ultrasound health

This is a status update for those of you among my regulars who have been following the saga of Sugar, our cat. She had her 90-day followup ultrasound today.

The doctor tells us Sugar’s kidneys look stable and OK – the nephritis that nearly killed her is well and truly beaten. She has a liver cyst that may eventually cause difficulties, but it’s growing slowly enough that he doesn’t think it poses a near-term threat. The cyst could be surgically removed if it starts to cause problems; there are obvious symptoms to watch for – loss of appetite, difficulty urinating – none of which she is having now.

Indeed, the feline in question continues to be quite active and healthy. She’s not going to get any younger and may still be living on borrowed time, but the prospect that anything specific will kill her has receded into the indefinite future. We are grateful.


  1. Holy smokes, my mind is blown by that odds-defying cat. She has lived well. Here’s to many more days of purring, cuddling, and playing.

  2. That cat must have cheated at poker to win a few extra lives ;)

    Good news for her, and you. Enjoy.

    My cats just get eaten…..

  3. Great news! I realy hope she lives for more many years!
    Well, this may be a silly thing to say since I never talked to you personally, nor I ahve met ou Sugar. But it is a good-hearted wish from a “father” of two wonderful purring girls (and one of them is sleeping here in my desk while I type this).

  4. Best wishes to Sugar and family, but, have you consulted your fellow Wiccans on this? Sounds like Sugar is not just a cat….

    1. >I was thinking more along the lines of the old ‘witch’s familiars’ in fairy tales….

      Sugar is not your archetypally witchy cat. Not black, not mysterious, not aloof, and with no air of the occult about her at all. She does get familiar with people quite rapidly and effectively, but the effect is endearingly friendly moggie rather than queen of the night.

  5. Good kitten.

    And good news.

    My own problem cat is doing well, too. Fried, although he is on the right coast and I am back on the left, seems to be holding up. I’ll get to see him in April.

  6. Long may Sugar continue to grace your household!

    Additional message, relayed from Her Most Serene Highness, Princess Penelope Ponderosa Pollyanna Peachfuzz (known as “Penny” to her hoomans): “Meow!”

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