All she needs is a lab coat and a fright wig

They laughed at me when that bitch Monica rug-burned
her knees in the Oval Office. They laughed at my universal health
care plan. They laughed when I told them of my conversations with
Eleanor Roosevelt’s ghost — they said I was mad.

Mad, am I? I’ll show them mad…soon, I’ll unleash my
mainstream-media minions and deploy my orbital mind-control lasers on
anyone they don’t successfully brainwash for me. Everyone will learn
to rue the day they ever laughed at me. I’ll seize the very White
House itself
and dictate my terms to a trembling world!


  1. Now that… *that* is a crazy eyeball.

    How can a person with a seemingly normal head make that face? Hell, I don’t look like that a half-second before I sneeze.

    ‘Course, I’m waiting for someone to explain to me why Hillary’s Mainstream Media cronies at Reuters released that as a wire photo. By your lights, she should have struck them dead with firey death lasers from her crazy, crazy eyeball.

  2. Eric, just two posts ago (in the one titled “How low can they go”) you berated the liberals for making fun of Bush and
    now you are stooping to their level?

  3. No, no, it looks like she’s making duck noises. “And then Bill let one rip that sounded exactly like this…” I love Hillary. There. I’ve said it.

  4. Someone is slow on the uptake. I never claimed that “making fun of George Bush” is offensive. If you can’t figure that out from my post, you need to work on your reading comprehension.

  5. I find it hard to believe she’ll be elected. But then, I didn’t believe W would have either. So I just hope she doesn’t run, and that rumors of her candidacy are just media masturbation over a familiar name.

    We might be able to deal with bad Presidents if we have a strong legislative branch, but the religious right has two more election cycles to put as many Rick Santorums into Congress as it can.

  6. She always creeped me out. I love this post Eric. This time, you have appeased both the Conservatives, Joe Lieberman, and Libertarians. Great work, keep it up.


  7. The Face of Power.

    Put it on any pol, it looks as mad…and they all wear them, usually hidden
    from view.

    Great catch. Hillary reminds me of my ex.

  8. You can freeze anyone in a freaky face. Something I’ve noticed many times since I got a DVR.

  9. The more you see of HRC, the more evident it is that her ascent has been propelled, and protected, by media favoritism. She simply does not portray the qualities with which she is associated, and I’ve become doubtful that she will win the nomination for 2008. Unfortunately she’ll be likely be anointed as the default choice by the press, which will displace true moderates, and result in another Dean implosion where the disjoint between conventional wisdom and actuality becomes too glaring to ignore.

    I suspect that one, or several, future accounts of the demise of Liberalism in the early 21st century will focus on the role that an overly nurturing media had in preventing Liberal reformers from successfully moderating the extremes of the movement.

  10. I hope that Sen. Clinton is a one termer and that she never again holds political office anywhere at any level. That being said, take enough pictures and you’ll find a scary one of just about anybody. The human face goes through transitions that are scary if frozen but unnoticed if they last less only a small fraction of a second. The past few decades, it’s been mostly people on the right that have had their unflattering photos circulated widely. It now seems to be a bipartisan game.

    In any form, it’s lame.

  11. Exactly how is this different from or any more substantive than all the Bush/chimp comparisons that have made the interweb rounds since 2000?

  12. She’s an odious shrew, and this photo captures that essence perfectly.

    I’d be cautious about waving the ‘chimp’ as some bloody shirt…at least this mockery doesn’t hark back to fundamentally racist undertones…

    But, you’re right Jeff…it’s the same game really…silly…juvenile…banal even…y’know…politics as usual ;-)

  13. There’s another important difference between this and the Chimpy McHitler comparisons, Dan. I was mostly trying to be funny with this one; the moonbat Left, on the olther hand, seems to have had its sense of humor and proportion surgically excised some time ago.

  14. Indeed so…well…for my money it doesn’t get any better than Kerry’s “Lurch” comparison :-)

  15. I’m partial to the “oompa-loompa” comparisons. Of course along came the brilliant Tim Burton and the unforgettable Deep Roy, and made that joke seem dated and stale.

  16. esr: I dunno, I thought the Bush Or Chimp thing was quite funny the first couple of times I saw it. That was before 9/11, Iraq, the PATRIOT Act, and so on: after them, Bush got a lot less funny and a lot more scary.

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