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I removed a comment from my blog today. This is only the second time
I have done so, and the first was just cleaning up an accidental double

To whoever left the original comment #6 on Lessons of
I won’t suppress a coment for being mindless, formulaic
ranting. Nor will I suppress a comment for being anonymous. But
the combination of both those traits is a crash landing.

We now return you to your regularly-scheduled bloggage…


  1. Just curious:

    What is anonymity anyway?

    I mean, how do you know the email I give is valid? Or that the URL I give has anything to do with me?

    Or are you talking about using an anonymizing proxy?

  2. I think the main problem with trolling anonymously, or using fake contact info, is that it makes it twice as irritating.
    At least if the person says it with some name that they may stick to, there is something to argue with. I’m not sure if I’m expressing what I mean in the best way, so: If someone uses a name, even a fact name and not a generic “anon” or “name”, then at least they’ve shown the possibility of being interested in further discussion, not just an anon-hit-and-run. Sort of.

  3. I think Eric’s comment here most interesting. In the past I’ve written some things where I’ve taken his words and turned them against himself. Often in very pointed ways.

    Despite how irritating that might be to a closed mind…Eric has never deleted one of my posts.

    I’ve always respected Eric for that. And even though our opinions often differ enormously…I reasoned–and still do–that he has anything but a closed mind.

    So whatever that post was…it must have been truly nasty. And I have no doubt that if Eric deleted it…it wanted deleting.

  4. If you’d use slash, we could moderate each other’s comments and ensure that we didn’t see stuff like that by viewing at an appropriate threshold, while it would all still be there for those who choose to dig that deep.

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