11 thoughts on “Jack needs a girlfriend

  1. OK, I’ll be the first to bite and say your wife is pretty damn good looking.

    And I bet to be someone you’d marry, she’s probably really smart!

    Mmm, looks & brains…dead sexy!

  2. The photo was taken at a science-fiction convention. No further explanation should be necessary.

    And yes, she really is like that. Black belt in TKD and a pretty good shot with a Glock.

  3. Presuming “sick” is used in the Australian context I’m familiar with, it’s a compliment of the highest order.

    I just had the funniest idea: A “My wife is a MILF” bumper sticker.

  4. Does Cathy work out? Because not only is she good looking, she seems to have halfway decent muscle tone as well. Not a bad habit to get into, that whole exercise thing…

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