Foo on you, Asparagirl!

Asparagirl has committed a base calumny
against me. While it’s true she had something to do with me entering
the blogosphere, this business about threatening her with a Glock is
totally off-base. I would never do anything like that. My carry
weapon is a Colt Officer’s Model 45 ACP. It’s my wife who
carries the Glock…


  1. @ seekXL … what kind of browser do you use? i have mozilla and the layout are different and not usely if i use the internet explorer.

    but … the information what i´m looking for i found here … thanks

  2. good informations, i don´t agree with the column of asparagirl, but it is a woman – what will you say *g*


  3. I do have IE, mozilla, firefox and opera in use and try to get layouts for all of them correctly in shape ;-)
    not easy…and i do need help with one page in firefox…

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