I am twitter-enabled, mainly for gaming purposes

Those of you who wish to follow me on Twitter can now do so.

You’ll find much of my Twitter content a bit strange, as I am using it mainly to play an on-line game called EchoBazaar. All the tweets labeled #ebz are game stuff.

EchoBazaar has an interesting business model: you play for free, but can buy Fate Points useful in game. I understand this has been done before, but it’s the first time I’ve encountered it.

(Someone else has twitter ID “esr”, alas.)

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  1. > Interesting. Tweets that begin with ‘@’ don’t appear in other people’s timelines. EchoBazaar should make sure that it works with @ebz as well.

    Messages referring to other accounts w/ an @ tag will not appear in others’ timelines UNLESS a person is following both you and the person you are tweeting at.

  2. Morgan,

    I think Ted means the business model of play for free but charge for little things which increase your efficiency is everywhere now. At the very least, Evony doesn’t require facebook at all.

  3. The world of EchoBazaar reminds me a bit of Nightside series of fantasy books by Simon R. Green; the fictional Nightside is a dark, hidden netherworld of London (duplicate/mirror of London) in which magic and advanced technology co-exist.

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