Upgrading to WordPress

The WordPress update is now complete. Unfortunately, I deleted some recent comments while clearing out comment spam. Comment spam is now blocked using
a simple and clever method which I will not disclose in public.


  1. Comment spam is now blocked using a simple and clever method which I will not disclose in public.

    Apparently, the simple and clever method is to move the “comments” hyperlink from the bottom left to the bottom right of the article… :)

  2. The method I used is not supposed to break trackback. If
    you have evidence that it did, talk to me.

  3. I tried Spam Stopgap Extreme. When I activated it, comment posting broke. If you know
    whatever additional magic is needed to make it work with WP 1.2.1, I’d love to hear
    about it.

  4. No, trackback is working. I just trackbacked my Earthsea post from a few days ago. I noticed the disappearance of the trackback/pingback links on the front page, but your throwing trackback in with comments and I missed it. Sorry about that.

  5. Hey Eric,

    I looked at your code and it seems like your plugin should work. If you use AIM or MSN, send me an email with your screen name. I’d love to walk you through it, and if there are any bugs–FIX THEM!


  6. Thank fuck for that! I stopped commenting on your blog because my comments ended up being such a bot magnet. Although since I switched to wordpress myself my problems in that department have pretty much stopped as well. (Ye gods do I love tarpits)

  7. Oh! I know this one … On line 87 in wp-blog-header.php change “Last Modified: ” to “Last-Modified: ” … Example right above it on line 77 … Hope WP have fixed for future versions … If your comment SPAM solution is different than moderation, I would relish a drop in the inbox please … I delete ~50 at a time …

  8. I guess you will hold me in contempt for I am a “newbie”. I am a visual artist. I have avoided computers to this point in my life. I consider them the building blocks of Babylon . . . cyber-space is an artificial astral-plane. Our culture has been deceived into believing that computers are a convenience while dependence on the unreliable technology has placed us in bondage. Much time is saved and workload is handled until inevitable failures of the system or simple mistakes consume the most valuable time, work and peace of mind. I got skrewed over and went broke. I am being forced (against my will) to learn this new form of art where the skill is in the utensil more than in the hand.

    I am really glad that your website was the first one that I opened in my frustrated attempt to fiind out how to build a web page. I must have been divinely led since it was on the 9th page. While I barely comprehend most it, I have determined not to contribute to the frustration of the initiated if I can help it. Whwere do I start?

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